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Executor support, Includes free
updates on LPA, Will and Trust

Probate can be complex, time consuming and expensive. Save time and money by appointing jubilee to support the executor you have instructed and guide them through the probate process. This is one of the cheapest solutions and you will have confidence that your wishes are carried out to the letter.

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What’s included:

Grant of Probate paid for by Jubilee

Unlimited access to one of our qualified support executives who will help complete the probate documents.

Help to organise the funeral ( £500 towards the cost of your funeral T&Cs apply) This can be used as your initial deposit taking away the burden of waiting to access your inheritance.

Help to activate your trust if you have one attached to your will.

After care and support.

Free financial advice through our network of qualified advisors to ensure that your legacy continues through the younger generations.