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Legacy solution

Legacy solution

Single solution

Cost £1200

Asset 19@4x

Legacy Plus Solution

Joint Solution

Cost £2100

Legacy and Legacy Plus Solution

Our legacy and legacy plus solution is the maximum protection Jubilee Wills & Estate Planning Limited provide. If you ever need decisions making on your health care when you are incapacitated or you need to give access to attorneys to manage your financial needs this is the solution for you.

Included in this solution is multiple trust, which is a perfect solution if you have disabled children or more than one child as each child will have their inheritance legally protected from any outside influences

Trust is also a good way of ensuring that money does not get wasted as the trustees will help guide your loved ones in making decisions that will ensure that the inheritance is not wasted.

With this solutions your loved ones will get a free 1 hour consultation with a cmap qualified financial advisor.

Should they wish to get a mortgage your loved ones will not have to pay the advisor any mortgage fees

Financial advisors will be on call whenever trustees need advice.

We will change the tenancy on your property so that funds can automatically be owned by the trust in the event of your passing.

The legacy solution and legacy plus solutions has the added benefit of a will clarity statement which is a way to test capacity and avoid any challenges to your will.

You will also receive a will commentary document which simplifies the content of your will and is easy for your loved ones to understand.

Finally you get 2 years of free storage, storage is the safest way to ensure your wishes are met as nobody can influence or change the contents of your will.

If you ever need to change or set up a new trust this would be done free of charge.