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Professional Executor Support

Professional Executor Support

When a person dies, whether or not they have a Will, the people responsible for their estate may need to apply to the courts for probate. Probate is the process by which a Will is “proved” and accepted as valid. In the absence of a Will it is the permission to settle the estate according to the laws of intestacy.

The application for probate is made to a section of the court known as the Probate Registry. Once granted, a document known as the Grant of Probate is issued and confirms that the applicants are authorised to deal with the deceased’s affairs. In the absence of a valid Will, Letters of Administration will be issued.

The people who apply for the Grant of Probate and carry out the administration of the estate are known as the Executors. Executors must carry out a number of tasks including notifying the authorities and distributing the estate to the beneficiaries.

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How Jubilee Cover Work

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Getting the right advice from the right people at the right time is critical. At Jubilee Cover we work alongside a national network of professional legal advisors, enabling us to provide an excellent service at a time and in the environment that suits you. Our advisors have years of experience and will make the process of talking through your personal circumstances and deciding on the right documents and products for you simple and easy, giving you confidence that everything is just as you wish.

We can offer our services at your home, via the telephone or video link and we can be contacted any time between 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday, and 8am till 1pm Saturday.